One of Nintendo’s most celebrated franchises, and one of the video game industry’s brightest stars, The Legend of Zelda has sold over 100 million units to date.

In 2011, my team was contracted to develop and produce a limited engagement, first-of-its-kind game music concert, “The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony”, to be performed exclusively in Tokyo, Los Angeles, and London; as well a larger, more comprehensive production “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses”, which would go on to travel the world and be performed by over 200 orchestras and choirs from 2012-2018, with audiences ranging from 2500 to over 10,000, including a live performance on The Stephen Colbert Show.


  • Detail oriented, historically protective/litigious client requiring high levels of communication, continuous follow-up, and relationship maintenance.

  • Incredibly strict brand guidelines requiring intimate knowledge of the properties (19+ entries in Zelda series alone), their mechanics, their stories, the music, corresponding art assets, and how all of it relates to one another—thematically, dramatically, narratively, etc.

  • Translating 25+ years of musical material into lush, provocative, storytelling orchestrations capable of being performed by orchestra configurations ranging from 60-100 players + 30-60 person choirs, fully accounting for variability.

  • Each venue is different, all with their own unique staging specs, so a versatile team that can proactively problem solve decisively both in advance and upon arrival is key.

  • Brand alignment—coordinating concerts with promotional events, doing miniature one-off concerts at Nintendo World NYC at Rockefeller Center.


Being a globally recognized entertainment company, Nintendo works with a vast array of partners and vendors worldwide. They know what they want, and are accustomed to a high level of service and partnership. Anticipating their needs, being finely attuned to their expectations, maintaining transparency, and ensuring the experience upholds their high bar of quality accounts for a big part of the job. A happy client = a happy project.

In some cases my team will be asked to host corporate VIPs, which in the past have included a spectrum of celebrities and high profile persons ranging from Zelda Williams (Robin Williams’ daughter), to Eiji Aonuma (director of the Zelda franchise) and Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario and Zelda). Hosting individuals such as these is an exercise in representing the brand and reflecting well upon the client, so I take these opportunities seriously and enjoy facilitating a seamless and exemplary experience.

200 Orchestras & Choirs
Audiences of 10,000 people


  • Developing a clear roadmap and conceptual timeline

  • Centralizing information and ensuring the client understands the state of the project at all times

  • Understanding and prioritizing feedback, filtering it appropriately to project owners

  • Efficient and well thought-through construction of tour assets (tech, multimedia, score books, etc) helps streamline project mobility, important when coordinating production and travel across a full schedule of cities, countries